Poltergeist: The Legacy filmed at Hatley Castle
Release date: 
April, 1996
"The Legacy" is a secret society that "has been here forever" to a group of people that fought the Darkness and evil that would just as soon take over our realm. To the world they are curators and seekers of ancient artifacts. The name of their organization is the Luna Foundation. Each team is a part of a House - Houses located all around the world and making a network of guardians against evil. The series pertains mainly with the San Fransisco House, led by their Precept (boss, head of the House) Dr. Derek Rayne, their House/home located on a small island isolated from the rest of San Francisco called Angel Island. The original team included ex-Navy SEAL, Nick Boyle, researcher/psychic Alex Moreau, security/researcher Julia Walker and Father Philip Callahan. Julia Walker (although brought back by a number of fanfics, lost her life during the pilot. After the pilot episode the team gained a psychiatrist Rachel Corrigan and her daughter who will most likely become a member when she gets older Kat Corrigan. Philip Callahan places himself back into the church and comes in from time to time to help with cases. - Written by <julia_walker@softhome.net>