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Frequently asked questions

Can we substitute items in the buffet menu?

Substitution of menu items is possible. Should the substituted item be more expensive than the original menu item, a surcharge will apply.

Can we order multiple entrées for plated menus?

Surcharges for multiple choice entrée selections are as followed:

1 choice – included
2 choices – $5 per person
3 choices – $7 per person

Maximum of 3 choices, plus a vegetarian option

Can you accommodate dietary restritions?

Truffles will cater to dietary restrictions within the scope of the facility. Some meal requirements need to be provided from specialized facilities and are subject to an additional cost.

Do you have children menus?

Please see the Children's Menu for more details.

Is there a minimum number of guests required?

Yes, menus have a 50 guest minimum. Truffles Catering will charge a surcharge evaluated on a case by case basis.

Are there menu cards on the tables and buffets?

Truffles Catering will provide a printed menu on the buffet, individual printed menus for plated meals can be ordered at an additional cost.

Can you create a custom menu?

Yes, Truffles Catering culinary team is pleased to work with you to customize a menu that meets your needs.

Can we supply our own alcohol?

No, this is a breach of our liquor licencing regulations.

Can we order wine that is not on the wine list?

Special order wine must be pre-ordered by the case through Truffles Catering a minimum of 30 days prior to the event and will be subject to their retail price structure for all bottles ordered. Any special order wine not consumed during the event, will be returned to the client following the event. Wine is not able to be returned to the Liquor Distribution Branch.

Does Truffles place the wine bottles on the table or will they provide table service?

Traditionally, table service is provided until dinner is complete. Should a client request to have wine bottles placed on guest tables this can be accommodated.

Do you have alternate linen colours?

You may request ivory or black as alternates to white linen for no additional charge. Truffles Catering can arrange specialty colour linen and chair covers at an additional cost.

What options are available for hosting beverages?

You can host a specific time frame (pre-dinner cocktail reception) and will be invoiced based upon consumption.

You can host a specific number of beverages per person (you can supply customized tickets or use Truffles generic tickets) and will be invoiced based upon consumption.

You can host a type of beverage (non-alcoholic or beer, etc.) and will be invoiced based upon consumption.

Who should I discuss catering menus with?

Food and beverage selections from our published menus may be given directly to your RRU event coordinator no later than 45 days prior to your event. Any custom menus or dietary concerns should be discussed directly with Truffles Catering.

When is my final guest number required?

Final guarantee of guests is due seven business days prior to your event date.

Can I bring my wedding cake from an external supplier?

Yes, you can bring your wedding cake from an external supplier. You will be asked if you want it to be served or displayed as part of your Venue Planning Tool.

Is there a fee if I bring cupcakes or donuts?

Yes, a small fee will apply depending on your presentation style.

Is catering available for the garden ceremony package?

The Garden Ceremony Package includes an optional catered 1 hour reception. Please refer to the menu for catering options.