Truffles Catering

Hatley Park National Historic Site is proud to have Truffles Catering as our exclusive food and beverage provider for all events. A leading caterer in the city of Victoria since 1990, their reputation for exquisite food, artful presentation and wonderful service will not disappoint you. We offer a wide variety of menu options.

Our cuisine

Our objective is to present fresh, quality cuisine delivering great flavour and value.

Natural, ethically sourced foods

We purchase from local suppliers who can deliver products that meet our commitment to sustainability. All of our meat and fish are prepared with care in our kitchens. For example, all our sandwich meats are free of the preservatives and additives present in mass produced deli meats, and all of our seafood products are certified Ocean Wise.

Innovation + integration

Our culinary team is constantly researching food trends locally and internationally in order to integrate fresh new ideas with our Canadian West Coast regional specialties.

Experience + understanding

We understand catering. All of our menus are prepared with logistics in mind. Our chefs know that each event is unique, and work to create menus that optimize the quality of our cuisine for every occasion.