Japanese garden

The Upper Japanese Garden was the first garden constructed circa 1908-9 at Hatley Park and was designed by Isaburo Kishida, a Japanese designer. This garden, bordered by a lake on one side and bisected by streams is an oasis of calm. Japanese Maples and flowering cherries imported from Yokohama Nurseries in 1909 have now reached a venerable age, and under plantings of azaleas and primroses light up the pathways in April and May. Rustic stone lanterns almost concealed by foliage peer out as you make your way through the garden.

The second part of the Japanese Garden was made some time between 1916 and 1919 by an unknown designer. It surrounds a lake and is planted with snowy Shirotae flowering cherries on the West Side and towering Pink Pearl Rhododendrons on the South. A narrow path tracing the shore of the lake leads to a an elegant curved bridge. Across the bridge is an island planted with 100 year old Rhodos and a pavilion extending over the water. Standing on this pavilion, watch for trout leaping from the water and the raucous cry of Kingfishers as they fly across the lake.