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Do you have any questions about your wedding plans at beautiful Hatley Park?

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Frequently asked questions

What is the role of the Royal Roads University event co-ordinator?

Your designated event co-ordinator works with your wedding planner. They make sure the venue is set up to support every aspect of your wedding, from audiovisual needs to yummy desserts.

Your co-ordinator also shares your menu choices with our exclusive caterer, Truffles Catering. If you are creating a custom menu or have dietary restrictions, you or your wedding planner may also contact Truffles directly.

What is the role of my wedding planner?

Your wedding planner works with you to create an event plan for your whole wedding day. They tell the Royal Roads event co-ordinator how to set up for your ceremony and reception. If you are not working with a wedding planner, you will need to appoint someone to make these plans. That person might be you!

What is the deposit schedule?

When you sign the licence agreement with Royal Roads University, you'll make a 50% non-refundable deposit toward the facility rental cost.

At 90 days before your wedding date, you'll make a 60% deposit toward the estimated food and beverage cost.

At 30 days before your wedding date, you'll cover the remaining 50% of the facility rental cost and the rest of the cost for final food and beverage selections. Your cost estimate will have more specific information.

Do I require liability insurance?

Yes, you do. You can buy liability insurance from insurers licensed in British Columbia. It should have a limit of at least $2,000,000, and name Royal Roads University indemnified. You may contact any licensed British Columbia insurance broker or PAL Insurance.

What do I need to know about heritage responsibility?

We are stewards of Hatley Park National Historic Site. We preserve and protect the buildings, grounds and gardens for future generations. We perform some heritage restoration work each year. We will let you know if any activities will be in progress around the time of your wedding date.

Do you permit the use of drones?

No. The Royal Roads campus falls within Transport Canada's restrictions for recreational drone use.

How many people can fit in each venue?

Hatley Castle drawing room: 100

Hatley Castle main level: 200

Castle terrace (tented): 250

Castle terrace lawn (tented): 250

Grant Quarterdeck: 250

Does my wedding package include a rehearsal?

Packages do not include rehearsals. However, you may be able to visit the gardens for an informal rehearsal, Monday to Friday after 5 pm. If the gardens are available, we will let you know two weeks before your wedding date. Hatley Castle is not available for rehearsals.

What audio visual equipment is included in my wedding package?

We provide a media console and public address system as part of your package. You can also rent additional in-house audio visual equipment and hire a Royal Roads AV technician if needed*.

Do I need an audiovisual technician to help?

We'll show you how to operate the media console and public address system. If you would like to hire an AV technician to run a slideshow or other media on your wedding day, we can help you arrange that*.

Do I need to rent a dance floor?

We're responsible for protecting the heritage of our buildings, which includes the floors. If you're planning on dancing inside Hatley Castle, you'll need to rent a dance floor, approximately 15’ x 15’. The rate is $400 plus taxes, and includes set up and take down. You can request a dance floor on your venue planning tool.

What linens are included in my wedding package?

We'll provide linens for your registry table, buffet, dessert stations, head table, guest tables, gift table and registration table. You may choose white, ivory or black. Additional linens or other colours are also available*.

What if it rains on my wedding day?

Some say rain on your wedding day brings good luck to the marriage! But to keep your party dry, we offer these alternatives:

Classic Hatley Castle or Classic Hatley Castle & Quarterdeck combination packages

We'll hold the ceremony inside Hatley Castle’s grand foyer. You can seat 35 guests in the foyer, with additional guests standing on the west staircase.

Garden ceremony

We'll hold the ceremony under the Italian garden loggia.

What celebratory items can we throw during the ceremony?

We suggest blowing bubbles! They're the perfect and prettiest way to celebrate your ceremony. Flower petals, rice or confetti are not permitted because our peacocks mistake them for snacks.

Is your facility wheelchair accessible?

Yes, venues are wheelchair accessible.

Do my guests pay for parking?

Your wedding package includes free parking for you and your guests. Let your event coordinator know if you need accessible parking.

Do you have overnight accommodations on campus?

Yes, we do! They're modest on-campus accommodations. Please email the campus welcome desk to find out about price and availability.

Can you provide high chairs?

Yes, we have two high chairs available.

Is there a noise bylaw?

We have students on campus and neighbours nearby, so we follow the City of Colwood’s noise bylaw. After 11 pm, loud music or amplification isn't permitted, but it can continue until 12 am at a reduced level.

When can suppliers access the venue?

Supplier access starts at 2 pm. Any items must be removed at the end of the event.

When should my catering selections and venue logistics be shared with the RRU event co-ordinator?

Your wedding planner will consult with you to complete our planning tool. Our co-ordinator needs this information at least 45 days before your wedding date.

Do I need to hire security for my wedding?

Your package includes an on-site representative who will be on hand for the whole wedding to address security or safety issues that may arise.

Can I arrive earlier than my contractual reservation time?

No, the bridal party needs to arrive at the scheduled reservation time.

Is water available for guests attending a garden ceremony?

Yes, you can order a water service station. Our gardeners don't appreciate guests drinking from the hose!

Are open-flame candles permitted?

No, only battery operated candles are permitted.

Is atmospheric smoke permitted?

No, it is not.


* Additional costs will apply