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The answers to your questions about hosting your wedding at Hatley Park may be right here.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the role of the Royal Roads University event coordinator?

The RRU event coordinator will work with your wedding planner to ensure all logistical components related to venue set up are in place to support your event.  They will share catering menus on behalf of our exclusive caterer, Truffles Catering.  Should you have questions regarding custom menus or dietary restrictions you, or your wedding planner, may wish to contact Truffles directly to discuss options.

What is the role of my wedding planner?

Your wedding planner will work directly with you to create an event plan to support your wedding day from start to finish. They will inform the RRU event coordinator of the required venue set up and catering selections according to your event timeline. If you chose not to have a wedding planner you will need to determine who will be responsible for these planning stages.

What is the deposit schedule?

Non-refundable deposit representing 50% of the facility rental is due upon signing the License Agreement. A 90-day prior to event date deposit is required based on 60% of the food and beverage Estimate. The remaining deposit is due 30 days prior to the event date for the remaining 50% of the facility rental and final food and beverage selections. Please refer to your Estimate for specific information.

Do I require liability insurance?

Clients are required to purchase liability insurance from insurers licensed in British Columbia with a limit of not less than $2,000,000 that names Royal Roads University indemnified.  You may contact any insurance broker or contact

What do I need to know about heritage responsibility?

As stewards of Hatley Park National Historic Site, we are responsible to preserve and protect the buildings, grounds, and gardens for the benefit of future generations. As such, heritage restoration work is required each year. We will be sure to advise our clients if any activities will be in progress during their event date.

Do you permit the use of drones?

RRU’s campus falls within the restrictions for recreational drone use. As such recreational drone use is not permitted within the context of Transport Canada’s policy.

What are the venue capacities?

Hatley Castle Drawing Room: 100 persons

Hatley Castle main level: 200 persons

Castle Terrace (tented): 300 persons

Castle Terrace Lawn (tented): 300 persons

Grant Quarterdeck: 250 persons

Does my wedding package include a rehearsal?

Rehearsals are not included in your package. Should there be an opportunity Monday-Friday after 5pm to come visit the gardens for a rehearsal, we will be able to confirm availability of the gardens 2 weeks prior to your wedding date. Please note this does not include Castle access.

What audio visual equipment is included in my wedding package?

A media console and/or public address system is provided. Additional in-house audio visual equipment can be arranged subject to a fee, plus AV technician requirements.

Do I require an audio visual technician to assist me?

Your on-site representative will show you basic operation of the media console and public address system. Should you require day-of technical assistance to operate a slideshow or similar, an Audio Visual Technician can be arranged for an additional fee and subject to availability.

Do I need to rent a dance floor?

If you'd like to dance inside Hatley Castle, you'll need rent a dance floor at a cost of $400 plus taxes. The set up and tear down will be included as part of your venue logistics.

What linens are included in my wedding package?

Linen for your registry table, buffet, dessert stations, head table, guest tables, gift table and registration table are included. Standard selection includes white, ivory or black. Additional linens subject to a rental charge.

What if it rains on my wedding day?

Garden ceremony package: In the event of rain, the ceremony will take place under the Italian Garden loggia.

Classic Hatley Castle or Classic Hatley Castle & quarterdeck combination” packages: In the event of rain, the ceremony will take place inside Hatley Castle’s grand foyer. Seating for 35 guests is provided in the foyer, with additional guests standing on the west staircase.

What celebratory items can be thrown during my ceremony?

Bubbles are permitted for use on our property. The use of flower petals, rice or confetti are not permitted.

Is your facility wheelchair accessible?

Yes, all venues are wheelchair accessible.

Do my guests pay for parking?

Complimentary parking for you and your guests is included in your wedding package. Please advise your event coordinator if you require accessible parking.

Do you have overnight accommodations on campus?

Royal Roads University offers modest on-campus accommodations. Please email the Guest Services Desk.

Can you provide highchairs?

Yes, we have two highchairs available.

Is there a noise bylaw?

In consideration of students on campus and our community residents, the university follows the City of Colwood’s noise bylaw of not permitting loud music or amplification after 11pm. Music may continue until 12am at a reduced level.

When can suppliers access the venue?

Suppliers are permitted to access the venue at 2pm. Please note all items must be removed from the venue at the end of the event.

When should my catering selections and venue logistics be shared with the RRU event coordinator?

Your wedding planner, in consultation with yourself, will complete a planning tool and return it to the event coordinator no later than 45 days prior to your event date.

Am I required to hire security guards for my venue?

Your package includes an on-site representative who will be in attendance for the duration of your event to address security or safety issues that may arise.

Can I bring my cake from an external supplier?

Yes, you can bring your wedding cake from an external supplier. You will be asked if you would like the cake to be served or displayed as part of your Venue Planning Tool, charges do apply.

For Health and Safety reasons, wedding cakes can only be displayed inside and therefore only apply to the following packages: Classic Castle, Quarterdeck Reception and the Classic Hatley Castle & Quarterdeck Combination.

Can I arrive earlier than my contractual reservation time?

No, the bridal party must arrive at the scheduled reserved time.

Is water available for guests attending the garden ceremony?

Yes, you can order a water service station.